23-25 October 2017
Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers, Cape Town, South Africa
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No board can make a move without a board secretary and general counsel. This 3rd Annual Board Secretaries & General Counsels Conference features a premium selection of thought leaders and internationally renowned speakers providing unique insights and inspiration for a breakthrough beyond what is currently known and recognized as the best practice in the African boardroom landscape. The role of good corporate governance has assumed greater importance and significance in the roles of board secretaries and general counsels for Africa this 2017.  

Join this 3 day conference which highlights the importance of trust and ethics of boards in organisations while presenting dedicated streams for Board Secretaries on ‘The Rise of Complexity’ and General Counsels on being the ‘General Counsels of Tomorrow’ respectively. We will address your concerns and empower you with in-depth expertise on The New Boardroom Leadersand ‘Leading the Charge for the Guardians of the Board’ in our sunrise plenary sessions. Our event highlights will feature customised topic sessions that zooms into specific key areas of focus for these advisors of the board, and even highly interactive panel; Battle of the Laws.  

We will also provide a platform for you to collaboratively generate a wealth of information with your peers via our Focus Groups to share insightful knowledge with each other.Do not miss out on our post conference ‘Ethics & Culture Boot Camp : The Power Of Doing The Right Thing’ whereby you will get at exclusive lookinto building an ethical workplace culture in the boardroom as it is the first step towards cultivating organisational success!

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